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Who are the Awardpartners of PartnerPlusBenefit?

Who are the Awardpartners of PartnerPlusBenefit?

Spend BenefitPoints on a growing range of exclusive awards. With over 10 different options we have something to suit every company's business travel requirements, helping them save from the outset.

Award flights & upgrades on: Air Canada, ANA, Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Germanwings, LOT Polish Airlines, Lufthansa, SWISS, TAP Portugal and United Airlines.
Award Partner Global HotelcardHotel eGiftcards valid for bookings in over 70,000 hotels worldwide.
Award Partner CTS Chauffeur ServicesVIP Chauffeur car transfers in and around London.
Award Partner Heathrow ExpressHeathrow Express: the fastest way to & from central London.
Cashback: PPB members can convert BenefitPoints into Pounds Sterling or Euros. from 4,500 BenefitPoints
Award Partner purpleparking.comAirport parking at all major airports.
Award partner ClimateCareProjects that protect the environment and improve people’s lives.
Award Partner Radisson EdwardianRadisson Blu Edwardian conference & event bookings.
partner_flynetBenefit FlyNet voucher the limitless Internet service on board provided by Lufthansa.
Core Business SolutionsBusiness consulting workshops. Select from three different workshop packages.
Lufthansa WorldShopSelect from a stock of over 2,000 products from the Lufthansa WorldShop.

Why should you join PartnerPlusBenefit?

Why should you join PartnerPlusBenefit?

As a member of PartnerPlusBenefit, you can save travel costs and earn rewards for your company whenever you fly with any of the 10 leading airlines. Participation in PartnerPlusBenefit saves our members millions on their travel expenditure, year after year.

Whether your company relies on daily air travel or only needs to fly once a year – PartnerPlusBenefit membership is free and with a welcome bonus of up to 1,500 BenefitPoints, enough for a free upgrade on many routes, cuts your company travel cost from the very first flight. Your company could be earning BenefitPoints whenever you or any of your colleagues fly with one of our 10 airlines to well over 500 destinations. BenefitPoints can be spent for flights, upgrades or a fast growing range of travel related and other rewards. Why should your company join PartnerPlusBenefit?

  • Free membership
  • Earn BenefitPoints with 10 airlines on over 500 destinations
  • BenefitPoints are valid for 3 years
  • Exchange BenefitPoints for cashback, award flights, upgrades, airport parking, limousine transfer, hotel eGiftcards, online WorldShop, carbon offset, charitable causes and other partner awards
  • 24/7 access to online account
  • Travellers continue to earn miles on their individual frequent flyer schemes
  • Dedicated service centre for customers in UK and Ireland
  • Regular promotions to earn extra BenefitPoints
  • Up to 1,500 welcome BenefitPoints – enough for a Business Class upgrade

What is PartnerPlusBenefit?

PartnerPlusBenefit is a travel incentive programme for companies of all sizes that purchase airline tickets in the UK or Ireland. Over the years the programme has grown considerably with thousands of companies now benefiting from savings to their travel budget.

PartnerPlusBenefit was introduced in 2004 and has since evolved into an incentive network of 10 airlines and additional award and marketing partnerships offering PartnerPlusBenefit members exclusive discounts or services that can be bought with BenefitPoints in its entirety. We`re combining the services and operate on behalf of 10 globe-spanning airlines, 9 members of Star Alliance – Air Canada, All Nippon Airways, Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, LOT Polish Airlines, Lufthansa, SWISS International Air Lines, TAP Portugal, United and our first non-Star Alliance member, Germanwings.

PartnerPlusBenefit is not an alternative to or a replacement for the conventional frequent flyer programme – it is a complement to make sure both you as individual, as well as your company is rewarded for your business related travel.


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