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All Nippon Airways (ANA) is a Japanese airline based out of Tokyo travelling to 49 different destinations in Japan and more than 30 international hubs. Japan’s largest airline, ANA is recognised as a 5-star airline by Skytrax. Alongside the main operations, the airline also operates a number of subsidiary ventures including regional airline ANA Wings, Air Japan, Air Do, Vanilla Air and Allex Cargo.

Recognising the importance of accommodating international travellers, ANA have made significant efforts to increase the number of non-Japanese flight attendants – currently employing 400 in-flight staff members of European, Chinese and Korean heritage. By the end of 2016, ANA hope to increase this headcount to more than 550. This attention to international travellers and the huge number of hubs within Japan makes ANA a natural choice for business travellers from Europe and the US to the Asian country.


ANA’s history begins 27 December 1952 when predecessor, Nippon Helicopter and Aeroplane, was founded. Operating helicopter and then cargo flights within Japan, the 15 December 1953 flight from Osaka to Tokyo was the first scheduled flight by a Japanese pilot in post-war Japan. Passenger routes began operation on the route the following February.

The airline grew significantly throughout the 1960s, rapidly increasing the size of the fleet – adding aircraft including the NAMC YS-11, Japan’s first home-grown turboprop airliner. ANA only started international operations in 1986 – previous to this, the Japanese Government-owned Japan Airlines had been granted a monopoly on international scheduled flights. That year, the airline started operating scheduled flights to Guam, Los Angeles and Washington.

Since being granted permissions to operate international flights, ANA has continued to grow in size and popularity.

Main Features

Business travellers aboard ANA aircraft can enjoy the ‘Inspiration of Japan’ cabins which include fully-lie-flat-beds and industry-leading entertainment systems. The entertainment systems feature touchscreen consoles, iPod connectivity and in-seat shopping – offering a more relaxing and productive flight

The ‘Inspiration of Japan’ cabins have been retrofitted on all existing 777-300ERs for service on all North American routes. Ideal for female business travellers, ANA now offer women-only lavatories aboard their aircraft. ANA also operate a number of aircraft which feature special designs and livery, including nine aircraft decorated with characters from popular Japanese franchise, Pokemon.

Facts and Figures

Founded: 1952

Number of Employees: 32,884

Number of Aircraft: 213

Number of Destinations: 73

Passengers per Year: 45million

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