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LOT Polish Airlines is one of the world’s oldest existing airlines, tracing its history back over 90 years to 1929. LOT operates a unique and complicated network of routes, flying to destinations throughout Europe, the Middle East, North America and Asia – mostly from the airline’s central hub in Polish capital, Warsaw.

The airline has continued to evolve with the country it so proudly serves as Poland changed from a soviet state to a European flag-carrying nation. The airline’s progression and progressive attitude towards continued improvement has seen it earn a number of awards including winning the Best Airline in Eastern Europe title on numerous cases. LOT Polish Airlines has also been recognised as one of the world’s safest airlines.

LOT offers two service classes on its flights: Economy and Business Class. The LOT livery has remained mostly unchanged since its introduction in the 1980s and has subsequently become one of the most recognisable all around the world. The only noticeable change is a slight Anglicisation with the traditional ‘Polskie Linie Lotnicze’ title replaced with ‘Polish Airlines’ – demonstrating the global appeal and reach.


Established on 1 January 1929, LOT Polish Airlines began life as a state-owned corporation – taking over the responsibilities of domestic lines Aero and Aerolot. The first services took place the next day to the Polish towns of Bydgoszcz and Katowice, and the first international flight was completed in August that year with a trip to Vienna.

Services were halted during WWII and all the line’s aircraft were detained or destroyed in Romania. At the end of WWII, LOT was recreated by the Polish government and 1946 marked the airline’s return to the skies.

With the fall of the Berlin Wall and the communist system in Poland, the airline invested heavily in Western aircraft in 1989. A number of additional routes to North America were opened to help service the large Polish communities in cities such as Chicago, New York and Toronto.

Main Features

LOT Polish Airlines has become renowned for its high on-time performance – earning praise throughout the industry for logistical management and customer satisfaction. The airline is enduringly popular with Polish immigrants returning to their home country for visits during the summer or holiday period.

The airline is currently planning a huge expansion – hoping to more than double the fleet size from 47 to 100 by the year 2020.

Facts and Figures

Founded: 1929

Number of Employees: 1,700

Number of Aircraft: 47

Number of Destinations: 60

Passengers per Year: 5 million

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